Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning and Sanitation


Technical facilities of buildings are becoming more and more complex.

The technological and regulatory developments require from us more than ever a level of expertise of a high quality to reconcile with relevancy the requirements of the economic and environemental stakes.

An on all type of sites expertise

Medical centers, clean rooms, laboratories, clinics, restaurants, retirement homes, luxury hotels, schools, Universities, swimming pools, parking lots, administrative buildings, banks, industrial sites, treatment plants, Airports, prisons, international organizations, conference centers, radio and television studios, district heating systems…

An outstanding know-how
  • A well known expertise in the  commissioning and complition of complex equipments.
  • The quality of the way we monitor the implementation of work.
  • Skills on the field for completion and acceptance of the works that will meet your requirements.
  • The synergy of our skills.
  • Full and accurate reports thanks to the close co-operation of various teams specialized in automatism and in energy supply of the building.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)


The BIM (Building Information Modeling)is revolutionising the way buildings, infrastructures and technical networks are planned, conceived, created and managed.

The BIM solutions enable more understandable informations and provide an added value at each stage of the process.

Synergy of skills with the pole CVCS for putting into service coordinated between design phases, construction and activity(occupation).

We pay close attention to the phase 6: the operation the optimisation the information, the technical data throughout the life of the building.


Single mock-up
Teamwork (collaborative work)
3D visualization
4D planning
5D costs management
Facility Management 6D

BIM is not a software, it’s a method, a concept, a state of mind, BIM is you. The data sharing facilitates the emergence of new proposals for the management of the construction projects.